Microphone winch

Gella Liftmaster

Mi­cro­phone winches are in­ten­ded for in­stall­a­tion on spot­lights, grid-irons, in up­per ceil­ing space. These are the pre­cise mech­a­nisms sup­plied with de­vel­oped self test sys­tem, the op­erat­ing in­ter­faces sup­port­ing var­ious modes.

Important news

 The Kremlin State Palace

   Gella has finished a scheduled service check of one of our oldest large installed systems — the winch complex in the Kremlin State Palace. Servos drives have been actively in use for over 12 years. The service check showed the excellent state of the mechanics. Substitution of tooth belts, cables and limit switches was recommended due to old age. Photos can be found in our Instagram



  Working in the 3D-mode is now possible with the new version of our installation winches. Lower altitude adjustment speed and increased torque allows for more comfortable microphone group positioning for recording purposes. The cable now works more stably at the extreme angles - up to 90 degrees when used with vane rollers. The group mode is preserved in the basic version of the winch as well.

Liftmaster 3D platform section has been added to our website due to the high demand.


  Recommended prices list for the distribution in the UK is now available on demand.



   Work has begun on a new budget version of the concentric coil winch. The new version will retain all the main functionality of the basic version with just a minor positioning precision decrease. The same solution has already been used in our combo-winches and proved successful. A simpler design and the reduced prices will allow the Liftmaster winches to be used in the less expensive installations and in places where they couldn’t be used before, as well as increase the number of connecting points. The finalized design will be presented in the beginning of 2018.